How can I download Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory song?

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Let’s start with very famous Lady Gaga’s song “the edge of the glory” Most people are asking to Google to download this song. As you know Youtube do not allow people to download videos on it. Because of that we will teach you to download this song from youtube.

How can I download The Edge of Glory?

Downloading this song to your computer is easy. We will use a website which is This web site gives you an opportunity to download this son to your PC. I am saying again. This is so easy.

Go to and search Lady Gaga – The Edge of Glory song. Choose/click any result of the list and copy link which is on address bar. Select this link with your mouse or use CTRL + A and copy it by clicking left button of your mouse or use CTRL + C. After copying this link, go to There is an area to paste your link at top of the web site. And there is an Download button near by of this area. Paste your link to here by using your mouse or use CTRL + P. After pasting your link to there, click download button. That’s all!

Pay attention, you should have java on your computer to download this song.  If you do not have java you can visit to download the program.

How can I download The Edge of Glory?

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